Update: Petition drive to support Knox County woman fighting to save deer she nursed back to health

August 5, 2013 by  

MOUNT VERNON-Retired Vet Tech Carol Deyo is featured in a Facebook page, Saving Trooper, for her efforts to keep two wild animals alive. Deyo and boyfriend Andy Black were cutting hay and accidentally ran over a deer and cut one of his back legs. They later named him Trooper. There were men there helping but one could make themselves shoot him as he was gently licking all over everyone. Carol was summoned with a clothes basket and took him in, cleaned him and sutured his wounds with sterilized hair from a horse’s tail. Trooper thrived.

Subsequently, another deer was brought to Deo for help. It was a young fawn they named Patch who had been hit by a car and was having seizures. That deer recovered with Deyo’s help and the 2 deer became buddies.

Someone has reported Deyo to the state authorities for having these two wild animals. They are neutered, vaccinated, have high fencing and, according to the Facebook page, are not hurting anyone. Deyo is in cancer treatment but doctors are concerned that the stress of the deer situation could cause a set back. contacted the Ohio Division of Wildlife for comment. When asked why Deyo cannot keep the two deer customer service assistant Derek Klein said that in Ohio, “Deer are property of the state, they are wild animals.”

You can get involved in Deyo’s fight to keep these animals. A petition drive has begun to not only save Trooper and Patch but 4 raccoons saved by Deyo. To sign the petition click here. 

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2 Responses to “Update: Petition drive to support Knox County woman fighting to save deer she nursed back to health”

  1. Kay White on July 29th, 2013 5:50 pm

    Let the poor soul keep her animals. She has provided more than adequate housing, etc, for them.
    I have neighbors around me who neglect their dogs. I have called numerous agencies and absolutely can’t get help for these animals.
    This dear lady needs and loves these creatures. Animals know pain just like we do. God bless this caring person. We need more like her. Wish she lived in my neighborhood!

  2. Laura Murnane on September 9th, 2013 9:57 pm

    Every citizen really needs to know about this whether you like animals or not. This type of thing has a tendancy to reach into other areas of our lives. The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources (ODNR) does not help it’s citizens when it comes to caring for injured baby deer or racoons. About 2 years ago a compassionate and caring retired vet tech. resued 2 fawns. They would have otherwise suffered and died. The ODNR told her they didnt have a policy to help but gave her some advice on sewing up the one. She also rescued 4 baby racoons from drowning. Although the one deer had lost a leg, they are all healthy and very well cared for. The deer ambulates on 3 legs without any complications. Obviously, they can’t go back into the wild. Besides, they are not wild, they are quite tame and living a great life. Anyway, the ODNR is threatening to kill these rescued deer and raccoons. And then press charges against the person who did not look the other way at suffering but instead saved their lives…even threatening to put her in jail. Why? Because of some policy saying you cant own a “wild” animal. There is something about not owning “dangerous” wild animals…but not healthy, tamed, rescued deer! And killing should NEVER be an option. Bottom line, life belongs to God, NOT man.

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